FXTM Trade Your Way to a Share of $100K

  • 20 April 2022 12:06 AM
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Because of the FXTM trader raffle, every trade you complete with FXTM has an additional potential benefit. If you trade between April 19 and May 31, you could earn $1.5k in trading credit. Ten lucky winners will be chosen each week. We increased the prize to $2.5k in the last week because its always nice to end on a high note.

Direct Bonus Link: 30 USD Forex No Deposit Bonus.

Direct Connecting Link: Trade your way to a share of 100k.

Bonus For: Limited Timing.

How To Get The Bonus:

  • To begin, create a MyFXTM account.
  • 2. Create a new trading account and fund it with money.
  • 3. Click Promotions to read and accept the Raffles rules.
  • 4. Begin trading for a weekly chance to win.

Are you already an FXTM trader?

  • Simply log in to your MyFXTM portal and select the Promotions tab.
  • Accept the raffle terms and begin trading for a weekly chance to win.


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