DIZICX $100 Forex No Deposit Bonus

  • 08 July 2022 09:47 AM
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$100 No Deposit Bonus The DIZICX No Deposit Bonus is designed to reduce your financial burden if you want to start trading without incurring any further costs. To begin, you should grasp what a no deposit bonus is. DIZICX offers a no deposit bonus as a cash incentive in exchange for opening a live trading account. Its a terrific idea, and its especially beneficial for new traders who cant yet afford to deal with real money.

Direct Bonus Link: $100 Forex No Deposit Bonus

Bonus For: Limited Timing.

Bonus Fit For: New Clients.

Follow these procedures to claim this Bonus:

  • Create a Live Trading Account with a $100 Bonus.
  • Verification of Account with Required Documents.

Bonus Terms:

  • Trading with the No Deposit Bonus can result in profits that can be cashed out. The amount that can be withheld is calculated based on your trading volume using the following formula: $4 each lot Or to put it another way, you have to have traded at least 25 lots in the last 90 days in order to withdraw $100.
  • If you deposit more than $200, you can withdraw your money at any time, with the same restrictions as above applying to deposits under $200.


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