Champion Mt4 Demo Contest by OctaFX

  • 21 March 2023 10:49 AM
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OctaFX Champion, organized by Octa Markets Incorporated, is a demo contest that runs for a month, allowing legal age individuals to participate by registering during the announcement period. The contest awards cash prizes to the top five performers, ranging from $40 to $500.


Each contestant is required to register a fresh demo account for every round and must provide accurate information during registration. Any dishonest practices, including arbitrage trading or IP match, can result in immediate disqualification. The participant with the highest account balance at the end of the competition will be declared the winner, and their names and interviews will be published on the OctaFX website.

Contest duration:

  • The Contest duration is one month from the start date to the finish date.

The contest rewards the top five performers with cash prizes, where the first-place winner receives $500, the second-place winner receives $300, the third-place winner receives $100, the fourth-place winner receives $60, and the fifth-place winner receives $40.

To enter the OctaFX Champion MT4 Demo Contest, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OctaFX website and create an account if you dont have one already.

  2. During the registration period for the contest, click on the "Contest" section on the website and select the OctaFX Champion MT4 Demo Contest.

  3. Register for the contest by providing accurate personal information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

  4. Create a new demo account for each contest round and start trading with the same trading conditions, as in the OctaFX MT4 account.

  5. Try to achieve the highest balance by the end of the contest to win one of the top five cash prizes.

Remember that any form of cheating or dishonest trading practices can result in disqualification from the contest.

Each participant must register a new demo account for each Contest round.

To join the next round of the OctaFX Champion MT4 Demo Contest, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the OctaFX website and check for the announcement of the next round of the contest.

  2. Register for the contest during the registration period by providing accurate information.

  3. Download the MT4 trading platform if you havent already and create a new demo account for the contest.

  4. Once the contest starts, start trading using the demo account with the provided trading conditions.

  5. Keep an eye on your account balance and aim to have the highest balance by the end of the contest.

  6. If you win, claim your prize within a month after the contests end date.

Make sure to read and understand the contest rules and regulations before participating in the OctaFX Champion MT4 Demo Contest.


Octa Markets Incorporated presents the OctaFX Champion contest, a one-month demo contest for individuals of legal age. Contestants must register during the designated registration period and provide real data. Cheating, including arbitrage trading or IP match, is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification. The contest offers cash prizes for the top five participants, ranging from $40 to $500. Each round requires a new demo account with identical trading conditions. Winners agree to have their names and interviews published on OctaFXs website. Prizes must be claimed within one month of the rounds end, and fraudulent activity will result in disqualification.


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