ActivTrades Cashback program 2022

  • 15 August 2022 01:24 AM
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ActivTrades has Released a Forex Cashback program where they have an all out financial plan of 50M Notional worth. For each part exchanged, you will get what might be compared to a 20% decrease on spreads, 20% on trades, and 20% decrease on Shares commission. That implies you will get 1 USD Cashback on a 0.5 Spread designated Lot. Follow the advancement connect for more.
Promotion Link: ActivTrades Cashback promotion 
Promotion available for: All clients 
Promotion available till: Limited time 

How do Achieve the promotion money?

  • Open an Account 
  • Request to join the Cashback Programme
  • Trade a notional value of $50 million
  • Start earning cashback on every trade you place


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