20% Bonus on Initial Forex Deposit from Uniglobe Markets

  • 05 December 2023 02:59 AM
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Uniglobe Markets offers a 20% forex deposit bonus that you can trade with. Find out how to capitalize on this exciting opportunity and increase the power of your trading account.

20% bonus on Forex deposits is available if you trade with Uniglobe Markets

Uniglobe Markets is providing an attractive 20% Tradable Bonus to both existing and new customers, with a bonus of as much as $2000 in credit.

Advantages of Trading Forex with a Deposit Bonus:

The promotional benefits that a trader can obtain from this type of offer are numerous.

  • Get a 20% Credit Bonus just by signing up!
  • You can get up to an extra $2000 on your account.
  • Our company has been in the market for over 7 years with 100K+ satisfied customers.
  • With 4.7 star ratings, you can get higher margin levels and leverage your account.
  • There are 150K+ followers of ours on Facebook and we offer multiple funding options.
  • Our bonus is both tradeable and withdrawable and is applicable to all account types.
  • This offer is valid for both new and existing customers and is available for an indefinite period of time.

How can one utilize the Deposit Bonus?

  1. Sign up to Uniglobe Markets, creating an account
  2. Deposit a minimum of $100 USD
  3. Enjoy the 20% Forex Bonus and start your trading journey
  4. Accumulate returns and reach the necessary trading lots to withdraw your rewards

Guidelines and Requirements concerning the Credit Bonus:

  1. The Credit Bonus of 20% is valid for 60 days after the deposit is made.
  2. An individual must deposit at least $100 to be able to take part in the promotion.
  3. Leverage limitations are restricted to a maximum of 1:200.
  4. The maximum bonus per account is up to $2000.
  5. By opening a trading account, the individual is accepting the Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure.
  6. After the span of 60 days, the bonus will be eliminated.
  7. Internal Transfers are not eligible for this promotion.
  8. The maximum Leverage has been set at 1:300 for this campaign.
  9. The bonus must be requested within 5 business days of the deposit.
  10. Those who deposit up to $2000 can get the 20% bonus.
  11. Only one account per client is allowed for the bonus.
  12. The broker can take away the bonus at any time, and withdrawal requests must be submitted.
  13. This promotion also includes MetaTrader 5.

Uniglobe Markets is presenting a chance to increase your forex trading earnings through a tradable 20% deposit bonus. Make the most out of your investments by taking advantage of this special offer and learn how to amplify your trading capital and profits.

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