50 USD Free No Deposit Welcome Forex Bonus

  • 09 November 2017 03:43 AM
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$50 No Deposit Free Welcome Forex Bonus to all new Traders. Receive $50 for No Deposit Forex Bonus and test the terms on a real account, without transfering any money.

Link 200% Bonus on Your Account

Link $50 No Deposit Welcome Bonus

Link:  Weekly Forex Trading Contest

Bonus Offer: $50 No Deposit Free Welcome Forex Bonus to all new Traders.

Campaign rules

You can only get the welcome bonus once. Maximum withdrawal is 25 USD

Initial funds cannot be withdrawn. Personal information must be confirmed

A min: of 50 transactions must be conducted. The transactions must be open for at 30 seconds

Adamant Finance reserves the right to disqualify a participant, if it is suspected, that the campaign rules are being broken

Adamant Finance reserves the right to change the campaign rules and to end it at any time. The account will remain active for 30 days from registration

Maximum profit is 50 USD, if you transfer a minimum of 200 USD to your account


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