NordFX 100k USD Super Lottery 2022

  • 10 August 2022 01:58 PM
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NordFX has delivered a Contest advancement with a complete award of $100,000. The Prize award count is 200 and Another 2 awards are worth $10,000. Prizes will be parted between 3 matches on July fourth, October sixth, and January fourth. Kindly adhere to their guidelines prior to exchanging and partaking in the opposition. Simply Open an Account and partake in the challenge.
Direct Offer Link: 50% Forex Welcome Bonus
Direct Offer Link: Super Lottery for NordFX clients only

Achievable for: All New Traders
Promotion Period: Unlimited Time
Promotion Type: Lottery Campaign
How to Achieve the new campaign?

  1. Open a Pro Account on NordFX
  2. Deposit Money to trade on
  3. Start Trading
  4. Participate on Contest
  5. Get Prizes


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