$50 No Deposit Bonus from FirewoodFX for Forex Trading

  • 03 June 2023 05:58 PM
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When you join FireWoodFX, they will give you a 50 USD bonus without asking for any of your own money. With this bonus, you can earn actual profits without taking any risks. You can withdraw the money and add it to your regular bank account. That's why the Welcome Deposit Bonus is a great way to start your Forex journey.

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Why choose the FireWoodFX 50 USD Welcome No Deposit Bonus?

The FireWoodFX Welcome Bonus gives new users a special account called the "Welcome Account" and adds $50 to it for free. This bonus lets traders begin trading forex and metals without needing their own money. If you fulfill the bonus requirements, you can transfer any profits to a live trading account. In summary, the FireWoodFX Welcome Bonus is a secure and exciting way to start trading in the forex market.

Here's how you can get the bonus:

  1. Download and install the FirewoodFX Mobile App.
  2. Open an account and select the Bonus account type.
  3. Verify your account by providing the necessary identification document.
  4. Once your account verification is approved and your account is eligible, the bonus will be added to your account.
  5. Make sure to review the terms and conditions.

Here are the terms and conditions for the bonus:

  • The bonus account will have a starting balance of USD 50. Depositing money into the bonus account is not allowed.
  • The Welcome Bonus is only available for new clients.
  • The bonus account will have FirewoodFX ECN pricing, with a maximum lot size per order of 0.01 and a maximum of 5 open positions.
  • Expert Advisors are not available for use on the bonus account.
  • Clients can withdraw the profit within 60 days after the bonus is credited. To be eligible for withdrawal, clients must close 2 qualifying lots and refer 2 eligible friends who can receive the FirewoodFX Welcome Bonus promotion.
  • Only trades closed with a profit or loss greater than 5 pips (or less than -5 pips) are considered for lot calculation. For XAU, this will be equivalent to 0.5$, and for CFDs, the number of points is equivalent to 5 pips on EURUSD standard lots.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount is USD 50, and the minimum withdrawal amount is USD 10.
  • The bonus account will be terminated 60 days after the bonus is credited. After the account is terminated, trading and withdrawals will no longer be available.
  • Partners will not receive any rebates from the bonus account.
  • If FirewoodFX suspects that a client has abused the promotion or acted in bad faith, FirewoodFX reserves the right to reject the bonus claim and/or terminate the bonus account.
  • If FirewoodFX suspects that a client is hedging their position internally or using a trading account with FirewoodFX or other brokers, FirewoodFX reserves the right to terminate the bonus and/or any profits from the account without the client's consent.
  • Clients can cancel the bonus at any time, but once it's canceled, it cannot be reinstated.
  • FirewoodFX may reject a client's bonus application(s) at any time without prior notification or providing reasons for the decision.
  • FirewoodFX may cancel a client's bonus at any time without prior notification.
  • Any situations not described in these rules will be subject to FirewoodFX's decision.
  • FirewoodFX reserves the right to change, update, or cancel this promotion with notification in the Company news.


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