120% JustMarkets Forex Deposit Bonus

  • 14 August 2023 03:29 AM
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If you're not interested in a forex trading bonus, JustMarkets will give you a 120% bonus on your initial deposit. They've spent a lot of money over the years to make trading better and more convenient for their traders. With this bonus, you have a great chance to trade using the extra 120% you get from your first deposit. To be part of this, you need to deposit at least $500 USD. Additionally, you should do around 4.5 lots of trading. Your Free Margin, which is like extra money, is $1100. You can use Leverage, which is like borrowing, at a rate of 1:500, and each Pip price is $45.

Connected Bonus Link: 120% Deposit Bonus

Why Should You Choose This Bonus?

Make your trading better with this bonus. It helps grow your money by 120% when you put it in. You can pick the bonus size that matches how much money you add - like 50% extra for up to $100, 100% for $100 to $500, or 120% for $500 or more. Getting the bonus is easy: go to where you deposit, check the box for the bonus, and choose how much extra you want. Remember to read and agree to the rules. This special offer makes your trading stronger and lets you choose what's best for you.

How to get this bonus?

  1. Open a trading account
  2. Verify KYC
  3. Deposit Money
  4. Get Bonus Amount


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