FXChoice $30 Non-deposit Forex Bonus

  • 30 November 2022 08:55 PM
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New traders may receive a $30 non-deposit forex bonus from FXChoice. This is a fantastic chance to start trading forex with some free money. Simply create an account and deposit money into your live trading account to take advantage of this promotion. Once you have satisfied the conditions, the $30 bonus will be promptly paid into your account. So why are you still waiting? Join now to begin trading! Please take note that at first, only Iran, Cuba, Mexico, and Ecuador are allowed to apply.

Latest Bonus Link: $30 Forex No Deposit Bonus  (Initially only open to Iran, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador).

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Bonus Time: Limited.

FXChoice is a new Forex broker that is giving a $30 non-deposit incentive. This is an excellent opportunity to test their services and determine whether they are the correct broker for you. Sign up today and begin trading!

**Please Note that Initially only open to Iran, Cuba, Mexico,Ecuador**

FXChoice Specific provisions (registration):

  • For new Clients, the NDB is added to the Client’s account automatically upon completion of the registration process.
  • The existing Clients, who have never funded their accounts, can apply for the NDB by logging into their Back office profile and by opening the appropriate account.
  • The NDB will be applied ONCE, upon Client registration (for new Clients) or their enrollment in the programme (for existing Clients who have never funded their account(s) before).

FXChoice Specific provisions (trading):

  • Once the NDB has been added to the Client’s account, the Client has 30 calendar days to meet the volume requirements of the programme and convert the bonus from virtual to real, withdrawable money.
  • To convert the bonus into real, withdrawable money, the Clients need to generate a cumulative volume of two closed/round-term lots.

FXChoice  Limitations until a Client has 10 completed orders:

  • Trades cannot exceed 0.01 max. lot size (per trade).
  • The volume of all concurrently open trades cannot exceed 0.05 lots.
  • Remember * Once the 10th order condition is met, both limitations are lifted.

FXChoice Who Is eligible?

  • The eligible Clients for the NDB are able to receive a Non-Deposit Bonus amounting to USD 30.
  • The Bonus is non-withdrawable unless all the criteria below are met.

Abusive, fraudulent or illegal behavior Terms:

The NDB, and the retention of the NDB, is conditional on the Client complying with all the FXChoice Policies, Terms and Conditions and the Client Agreement, and on the Client meeting the following conditions at all times:

  • the Client acts in good faith in relation to the NDB.
  • all the data, documents, declarations (if any) and information the Client has provided regarding his relationship with the Company and his participation in the NDB is true and accurate.
  • the Client does not participate in any abuse, fraudulent, illegal, improper conduct, or attempted abuse, fraudulent, illegal or improper conduct in relation to the NDB or, in either case, any previous abuse or improper conduct in his relations with FXChoice or in relation to a previous similar offer or promotion.


This Bonus Is only open to Iran, Cuba, Mexico,Ecuador


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