Gold Splash HFM Songkran Lucky Draw for Traders

  • 08 April 2023 02:44 PM
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In celebration of the Songkran Festival, HFM, a prominent Forex broker, is offering its clients in Thailand and Laos a chance to win a significant amount of trading capital through the Songkran Gold Splash Lucky Draw promotion.

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Participants can potentially win 40 gold worth of prizes by depositing a minimum of $300 for tier 1 or $100 for tier 2 and trading at least 5 or 2 standard lots, respectively. Trading additional eligible standard round lots increases the chances of winning, with up to 10 participations allowed. The draw is scheduled for May 12th, and the prizes will be credited to the winners wallets and can be withdrawn. However, any fraudulent activity will result in account removal. This promotion presents an exciting opportunity for clients to grow their trading skills while potentially winning big.

Trade Platform: MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), Mobile MT4, Web Platforms and More Trading Platforms.

To claim the Songkran Gold Splash promotion offered by HFM broker, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with HFM broker.
  2. Join the Songkran Gold Splash promotion.
  3. Deposit at least 300 USD for tier 1 or 100 USD for tier 2.
  4. Start trading to be eligible to win the gold prizes.
  5. Withdraw the prizes from your account wallet once the draw takes place.

By following these steps, you can participate in this exciting promotion and potentially win trading capital in the form of gold prizes. Dont miss out on this opportunity to boost your trading skills and potentially increase your profits.

The Songkran Gold Splash promotion offered by HFM broker has several exciting features, including:

  • 40 clients will have the chance to win gold worth 1,500,000 THB or its cash equivalent.
  • The promotion is time-limited, and the draw will take place on May 12th.
  • The top 10 winners will receive significant cash prizes, with the first prize winner receiving $8400, the second winner receiving $5500, and the third winner receiving $4200.
  • The fourth and fifth/sixth prize winners will receive $2800 and $2100, respectively.
  • The remaining seven to ten winners will each receive $1400, and winners from eleventh to fortieth position will receive $700, $280, and $140, respectively.

Overall, this promotion offers a great opportunity for traders to potentially win big and boost their trading capital.

The Songkran Gold Splash promotion offered by HFM broker has some terms and conditions that participants should keep in mind. These include:

  • Clients must deposit a minimum of $300 for tier 1 or $100 for tier 2 to be eligible for the promotion.
  • Clients must trade at least 5 standard lots for tier 1 or 2 standard lots for tier 2 to qualify.
  • Additional participation can be earned by trading more eligible standard round lots, with a maximum of 10 participations allowed.
  • The draw will be held on May 12th, and the winners will receive cash prizes added to their approved wallet.
  • Any fraudulent activity detected will result in account removal.

These terms and conditions ensure fair and transparent participation in the promotion and help to prevent fraudulent activity. By following these guidelines, clients can enjoy a great opportunity to win big while enhancing their trading skills.


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