Enter Uniglobe Markets Giveaway for a Chance to Win $10000

  • 17 April 2024 01:08 PM
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Uniglobe Markets is currently offering a generous giveaway of a $10000 live Forex trading account, providing traders with a great opportunity to kickstart their careers with a substantial capital boost.

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Forex, being the largest and most liquid market, presents a vast potential for profit through strategic trading. With a trading capital of $10,000, participants can execute significant positions and increase their gains. Don't miss out on this giveaway that has the potential to elevate your trading success.

Uniglobe Markets Giveaway Information

The prize pool for this giveaway is a total of $10,000, which will be divided among different categories as follows:

    • 10 individuals will be chosen as winners, with each receiving $150 in their Live Account. This category has a total prize pool of $1500.
    • The top 4 most active users will be rewarded with $500 each in their Live Account, making the total prize money for this category $2000.
    • There will be 3 winners, each receiving $1000 in their Live Account, resulting in a total prize pool of $3000.
    • The grand prize winner will receive $3500 in their Live Account.

How to Enter the Uniglobe Markets Giveaway

To take part in the Uniglobe Markets giveaway, participants must complete the following tasks:

    • Leave a Comment & Mention: Post a comment and mention 3 trader friends.
    • Follow # UniglobeMarkets.


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