Unlock $88 Forex Credit Bonus with Hantec Financial Today!

  • 05 June 2023 02:31 AM
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Unlock up to $88 in Forex credit bonus when you join Hantec Financial and start trading today. Enjoy access to over 150 instruments across 6 asset classes, and get tailored support from experienced experts. Start trading with confidence with Hantec Financial

Direct Offer Link: $88 Forex Trading Credit Bonus

Get started trading with Hantec Financial and unlock an exclusive $88 Forex Credit Bonus. Benefit from 0% commission trading on over 120+ currency pairs, 24/5 customer service and unbeatable spreads.

Increase your forex trading potential and expand your margin of profits by taking advantage of Hantec Financial's special offer - a $88 Trading Credit Bonus!

Make a Net Deposit* of $50 USD to get your $88 Trading Credit Bonus

Step 1: Create a trading account in Hantec Financial.

Step 2: Deposit $50 USD.

Step 3: Register via this link to get $88 Trading Credit Bonus.

The Net Deposit is calculated by 10 days before the day of registration.

All Existing and new Hantec Financial clients are welcome to join

After Online registration, the $88 Trading Credit Bonus. Will be added to the MT4 account no later than the next working day. The credit bonus is fully tradable but cannot be withdrawn. When the account equity is less than 0, the credit is still effective, and the client can still trade. Client must be aware if this balance is negative, when he makes a deposit upon negative balance, he will bear the loss of his own action.

Unlock an exclusive $88 Forex Credit Bonus when you join Hantec Financial today! Enjoy ultra-low spreads, fast execution speeds, and advanced trading tools to help take your trading to the next level. Get started now!


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