$100 Forex No Deposit Bonus with TREX Trade Trial Bonus

  • 08 May 2023 06:21 AM
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Get a free $100 Forex No Deposit Bonus with TREX Trade. Try the powerful trading platform and experience the risk-free trading with real money. Get access to advanced analysis tools, educational resources, and more.

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Get started in Forex trading with TREX Trade and get a $100 no-deposit bonus. Take advantage of zero commissions, low spreads, and fast execution to increase your chances of success. Try out the TREX Trade Trial Bonus for yourself

You take the trading profits we take the loss

No deposit required

profits can be withdrawn

0 risk trading

During the event, new traders can contact customer service to apply $100 Forex No Deposit Trial Bonus for trading, and the trading profits from the trading can be withdrawn!

How to get $100 No Deposit Required Trial Bonus

Open a Trading Account Participate in Event

Forex Trade and Earn

Contact With C.S Apply for $100 No Deposit Required

Get started in the Forex trading market with TREX Trade. Take advantage of our $100 no deposit bonus to experience the thrill of trading without any risk. Test your skills and see if you have what it takes to become a successful trader.

$100 No Deposit Required Terms and Conditions

After the client participates, the demo account is reset to 100 US dollars. The client can use the demo account to experience trading for 7 days. After the account is profitable, they can contact customer service to apply for transferring the profit to the real account.

The application for profit transfer must meet the qualifications for participating in the event. The deposit activation of the real account must be completed within 15 days after the application is approved, and the profit can be withdrawn by trading non-cryptocurrency products through the real account to reach the specified number of hands.

The real account transaction is less than 1 lot, and the reward cannot be obtained

Real account trading 1 lot, up to $30 profit can be withdrawn

Real account trading 2 lots, up to $50 profit can be withdrawn

As an example

John participated in the trail bonus event, and made a total profit of $45 in trail transactions. After that, he contacted the customer service to apply for transferring the profits to the real account. If John trades more than 2 lots of non-cryptocurrency products in 15 days, he can get a profit of $45 and transfer it to the real account


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